What I do:

I collect seashells and marine-life fragments from which I create sculptures and abstract assemblies that I then photograph to produce archival pigment prints. They celebrate the texture, shape and sheer wonder of the design elements found in nature. My work heavily relies on the physical labor of hand collection, the patience of hand manipulation and the meditative benefits of both. The process by which I search and sort, collect and create, is as important as the work that results.

Where I’m from:

A native of Long Island, I studied art and psychology at Harvard College, where I received a BA, before starting my career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather in New York. I then earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and left the East Coast for a career in motion-picture marketing at Columbia Pictures and other film studios and production companies in Los Angeles. Ultimately, I was drawn to more tactile design processes during a large-scale residential design and remodel project, marking my first move toward the full-time pursuit of artistic expression. Positioned on the front line of interior design and project management, my work on homes from Malibu to Fifth Avenue was published in several design magazines (Vogue Living Australia, Interior Design, Angeleno & Beautiful Homes), as well as in the New York and Los Angeles Times.

And now:

I live in Hampton Bays, New York, collecting and creating and participating in the local art community. My photographs are in private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Connecticut, St. Louis, Massachusetts, and Cabo San Lucas.

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